Simple Tips To Use The Wall Stickers To Decorate Bedroom With An Extraordinary Look

Wall decals is one of the easiest way to redecorate any place like home rooms, nursery or office as it has many designs, shapes, sizes & colors that can match any place from the above, with following the right steps, one sticker can be from only one plenty mixed colors with attractive designs but with no need of much furniture to avoid the overcrowd appeal in the room.

Applying the wall decals is as easy as it can be done by one person by sticking it on any clean, flat, dry surface as well painted walls or mirrors, windows & tiles also, it is quick with minimal cost & safe to all surfaces without leaving any marks behind it. These stickers are made from super high quality vinyl & backed with fantastic adhesive, just stick them on the wall & remove the transfer tape. Wall paper is expensive & difficult to apply personally with leaving marks after removing it but posters are easier, durable & safe for your paints.

Wall sticker has different designs, abstract ones is suitable for contemporary rooms, it is very recommended also for nurseries & kid’s rooms on walls or ceiling with their cartoon or hero characters, jungle animals, sea life & the letters to create words that can help our children in their spelling with adding joyful & pleasure feeling to them. Trees, flowers & mountains designs are recommended for master bedrooms to add interest. We can use it also for birthday parties or Christmas tree design to add fun & magic atmosphere.

Following these tips can help you to remove them easily from the wall without any damage by pulling the sticker slowly with heating its vinyl edge with the hairdryer & pull it away gently then heat the next section again until it is removed completely, be careful to pull or roll the vinyl back against itself but don’t pull it at 90 degrees as it will put more pressure on the wall. For removing it from glass or metal will be harder as it sticks so well to these surfaces, so we can use finger nails with the edges with heating method again, and then remove the remaining glue with nail polish.

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