Simple Tips and Tricks for a Professional House Staging by Claudia Andrade

When you think about leaving your house and moving into a new one, you may feel a mixture of happiness because you will enhance your life and sadness for the peaceful moments spent with your family members and neighbors in the existing home. However, you should forget such personal feeling and de-personalize the place to highlight its value and let it inspire the expected buyers.

The professional staging turns your home into a valuable new-looking house in a few hours without spending too much money. You can hire staging professionals for such a task, as they have a long experience in transforming the overall look of your home in a short time. If you have decorative experiences or talent, you can turn your home into a sell-ready space without breaking the bank.

The simple decorative touches such as reducing clutter, depersonalizing the space, and painting it bright or neutral colors have a professional effect upon your home. Try to imagine the items the buyer will see first to keep it organized and inviting.

The garden, lawn, main door, and entryway should be simple and organized with an inviting touch. For example, you can use solar lights for the entryways, lanterns for the front and backyards, and potted flowers along the pathway to impress your clients at the first glance.

Instead of the personal photos and paintings, you can decorate the place with a couple of crystal or colorful vases, fresh plants or flowers, single flower arrangements, well-placed mirrors, luxurious throw fabrics, bold colored throw pillow, and various types of LED lighting fixtures. When you are satisfied about your house staging, get into every room, open the windows, step back to look at the place with the eye of the potential buyers, and congratulate yourself saying “wow; good job”. Here are a few staged houses by Claudia Andrade to provide you the needed inspiration.