Simple ways to Grout Your Floor and Wall Tiles

Do you have gapes among the bathroom or kitchen floor or wall tiles; thus, afraid from the leak of water? Do you need just to enhance the look of your old floor and wall tiles? If so, you can use simple tools and your steady hand to do this project yourself.

To make sure that the grouting project will be successful, you should choose the right color and type of grout and the right tools and materials. The light colored grout will be perfect to create a flowing sleek look in your light colored room, while the dark colored grout will accentuate different patterns.

You can opt for pre-mixed or ready mixed grout types and stick them to the gaps directly, but they can be easily removed or stick to your hands instead of the tiles. Instead, the powder grout will provide you a durable option.

The simplest way to mix the grout with water is to use a piece of wood, but you can use a paddle and electric drill for easier mixing. After getting the right texture, you should slake your grout- letting it for 10 minutes to moisten the dry ingredients- and give the mixture a final mix to be ready for work. Using a grout float or a trowel, you can apply suitable amounts of grout and spread them to the wall from the corners and centers until you make sure that all the gaps are filled.

You should leave the grout slightly hardened to clean your tiles from the access pieces of grout. If your tiles are sealed, you can clean them easily with a dry sponge, but the unsealed tiles will need a damp one to remove grout without leaving marks or scratches on the tiles. You can remove the grout from the corners using a screwdriver or putty knife and apply a layer of caulk to strength the connection among your tiles.

Pics Via : hgtv