Simple Ways to Create a Wow Factor Inspired from the Projects of Fluff Interior Design

When you visit one of your friends’ homes and say” Wow, I need to live in such a home”, this place certainly has one or more wow factors. The team members of Fluff Interior Design will provide you simple ideas to bring such a look to your own home.

The wow factor you will use in your home should be a reflection to your personality and a surprising element at the same time. When you visit an antique or furniture store, your eye will catch such a surprising element that will fit in your home easily. For example, Lorrie Williams and Fluff team members create a wow factor in West Omaha contemporary home using bold colored painting, vase, and pillows in a neutral colored surrounding. In another great room, Fluff team members use different scale floor lamps along with framed and unframed pictures with different sizes.

The extraordinary long crystal chandelier along with an oversized piece of furniture will create a wow factor in your living room. If you have a waterfront home, the striking colored accessories that create harmony with the outdoor natural views will provide your home a stunning look.

Fluff team members create a unique combination of distressed farmhouse elements in a sleek and reflective modern home to result in a unique look. To draw your guests’ attention directly to the wow factor in your home, you should install spotlight or LED hidden lamps near your special elements.

The key idea about creating a wow factor in your home is to go for asymmetry. You can use a patterned or colorful rug, painting frame, or wall pattern to attract your guests’ attention at the first glance. It’s your home; so, try to choose every element in the place creatively.