Sleek Italian Kitchen Designs – Classic – Modern

The Italian kitchen is famous for its delicious food and amazing look. Both of the classic and modern Italian kitchens have mutual features that give the Italian style its unique look and function. This article will throw more light on the different designs of the classic and modern Italian kitchens to add a touch of beauty to your home.

The classic Italian kitchen is well-arranged, warm, and inviting. Its main part is a large table made of mahogany and used for preparing food before cooking. This table could serve as a sink to keep plates, rocks, and other utensils. Such a kitchen is used for large families; so, you will find a dining table for every member in the family to participate in preparing their food.

The modern Italian kitchen has more sleek and elegance because everything in the kitchen looks and functions well. It has some original features such as the central kitchen island or dining table. The modern kitchen always has hanged rocks, polished woodworks, smooth surfaces, and clean lines. The cooking set, including salt and spices, are arranged neatly on the countertop and the cutlery items are hanged on a hook near the metal stove.

There are different pulled out shelves, cabinets, or closets organized neatly in every corner of the kitchen. The cabinets may be made of aluminum, steel, wood, glass, plastic, or crystal. They have many designs such as Dali modern kitchen, Manhattan modern kitchen, and master kitchen.

The functions of the Italian kitchen will give you a unique feeling. It is the place where your family members hold their meetings while you are cooking delicious food. You will need some Italian utensils such as whisks, pasta spoons, ladles, and wooden spoons. In addition, every pan and pot has its own function to produce the popular Italian food.

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