Sliding Wall Designs for Modern Small Homes

Motorizing your modern apartment walls is an innovative idea that can easily create a multifunctional space. You can find such motorized wall panels in different finishes, materials, and colors to blend with your home decor.

Creating several rooms in one space become a prevalent concept because most of the modern apartments tend to be small. To solve this problem, you can design an open plan house and sacrifice your privacy and the clean look in the place. However, you can spend more money and purchase wall sliding panels to organize your home in an entirely new way.

You may need to purchase special furniture pieces such as folding and multifunctional items to help you create a spacious look in the place. For example, the folding or hanged bed will be help you create that space saving look, as the bed will be mounted to the wall or raised to the ceiling during the day to increase the free space in your home.

The sliding wall panels can move to different directions automatically to save your effort and space. In this case, you can design a small living area and bedroom side by side to reveal the living room during the day and bedroom during night. Another trick is to install the bookcase covered with a TV built-in sliding wall panel. The same wall panel may include an adjustable table that will serve as a workspace, a coffee table, and an office desk according to your needs.

Such sliding wall panels will help you create a special retreat away from people or even hide certain parts of your home to create a sense of mystery in the place. Additionally, you will be able to use several storage spaces without cluttering the look of the place.