Small and Large Attic Room Design Ideas

Your attic may serve as an additional room according to your home needs or even a complete open designed apartment. To make use of such a place in an innovative way, you should arrange the principal furniture pieces according to the height of the walls and use several windows or skylights to fill the place with natural light.

Your large attic can serve as an open designed separate apartment that includes a bedroom, kitchen, bathroom, and living room. In this case, you will need more than a skylight to give the place a spacious and airy look. You can provide your attic a special access from outside of your home if you need a degree of privacy.

Instead, your attic can serve as a functional room whether it is a reading room, a bedroom, a laundry room, a home gym, a playroom, a living room, a teenager bedroom, a home bar, a home theater, a craft room, an exercise space, or a bathroom.

If you will design a living room, the seating area will be around the skylight to let your guests enjoy the marvelous views around your home. If you need to encourage all of your family members to practice different kinds of sport, you will need just a strong floor and the needed equipment to create a functional gym in your attic.

The small attic will be an ideal home office, as it will provide you the needed tranquility and privacy and help you concentrate in your work or study. Such a room may include a built-in desk, cabinets, and a bookcase. If the attic is slightly larger, it may include an entertainment area with a seating area, a TV, and a play area. The artificial lights with bright colors will give the home office a uniquely impressive look.

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