Small Bathroom Interior Design Ideas

Designing a new bathroom is very important whether you are renovating or re-designing it, so take your time and make your search so you will be satisfied with the results. There are so many things you should consider while designing your bathroom.

A great place to start your research is to focus on the overall look and atmosphere that you want to create in your bathroom. Another thing you should consider is plumbing as it can be expensive if you need to move plumbing from one side of the house to another.

What you should also consider while designing your bathroom is whether you want a separate bath tub from shower, or do you need to put the shower over the tub? There are many types and sizes of bath tubs that you can choose from, such as vintage look claw foot bath or modern stand-alone tubs.

Storage is also a very important matter in designing your bathroom, especially if it is a small one. Will you need to store all your towels or only toiletries? If so, you can install a large vanity with cupboards and drawers. Moreover, if you have a big bathroom, then you can have a built-in cupboard or even an elegant armoire.

For the flooring, you can use a hardwood floor, but it can cause a problem if the bath overflows. However, in the warmer climates, usually only floor tiles would be the only option.

As for the walls, you can either have wall tiles from floor to ceiling or half way up. You can also hang wallpapers, but do not use an uncoated paper as it will not last the distance.

For the faucets and taps, you can use ones that are made of chrome, brass or aged brass.

Natural light is important in your bathroom, so while you design your bathroom install a larger window to allow in more light and ventilation. Most bathrooms have recessed lights, or a combination heat/fan/light system. If you want to create a more dramatic look in your bathroom, why not hang a beautiful crystal chandelier in your newly renovated bathroom.

You can also get inspiration by eyeing the following pictures.