Small Bedroom Color, Lighting and Mirror Ideas

Mirrors for your small bedroom:

Mirrors play a significant role especially if you have a small bedroom as they can reflect the illumination and create a roomy space.

No one can deny that nature has a great effect on the one’s mood so you should place a mirror where it can reflect natural light from the window.

Don’t place mirrors in a place where they reflect clutter, they will only add the feeling of clutter. Closet mirrored doors are amazing in small bedrooms.

Colors for your small bedroom:

Always use bright colors in order to make your small bedroom looks bigger that it really is, hence you have to paint your bedroom walls with bright colors such as sea green, soft pink, or baby blue.

To create the illusion of a larger room, all that you need is to paint the wall trims and moldings in a lighter color than the walls. Neutral colors are amazing for your small bedroom walls.

For a relaxing effect, you should opt for beige, taupe, and even grey or brown colors. For calming effect, choose light greens and blues colors. The best way to create the illusion of a higher ceiling is painting the ceiling with a shade lighter or completely white.

Lighting for your small bedroom:

Mount the lamps on the wall to save space. To add the illusion of a huger room, you have to install the lamps by positioning them nearby to the bed. It’s better for you to replace heavy drapes with light window treatments.

If you want to get nap in the morning, you can use mini blinds to block out the light. Don’t use glaring lights as they are not feasible, it’s better for you to use lamps with soft and gentle light. When it comes to window treatments for small rooms, nothing can beat swag curtains.

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