Small Dining Room Designs

Your dining room is an essential part of your home, because it is the formal place that can gather all of your family members. When you have a limited space house; you tend to cancel this room because it consumes a large space. But this article will show you how to set up a small dining area at any place of your home.

Designing your dining room carefully will make the room look and feel larger than it is. The most effective way to give your dining room a spacious look is to paint the room bright and light-reflecting colors with small patterns or prints along with a transparent cabinet to store and display your unique items. If you are interested in the dramatic look, you can paint the wall facing your dining table a dark color with light colored accessories or a large mirror, and the other walls light colors. It will be a good idea to get furniture items with the same colors of the room’s walls.

The high ceiling with architectural designs and a small and antique chandelier hanged above the dining table will give your small dining table a gorgeous look. In addition, the accent lights around the frame of your ceiling will give the room a spacious and luxurious look. You can install a wooden floor with a small natural dark carpet and a simple window treatment to give the room a rich and elegant look without minimizing the room.

Try to make for the small space using multi-functional dining furniture pieces such as the extended or folding tables and the coffee table that can be turned to be a comfortable seating. The extended table can be extended to the next room if you have an open plan design to seat your family and guests.        The folding table will give you an extra space when it is not used and the small round table will give your dining area a larger feel. As for the coffee table, it can be extended and raised to work as an additional seating along with the delicate lined chairs.

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