Small Kitchen – Small Kitchen by our wizard!

What you are advised to do with a small kitchen by our wizard! Most people do not like the fact that they have a small kitchen, this does not have to always be the case. A small kitchen is indeed a challenge yet what you have to do is to be up to this challenge. Being up to the challenge starts with smart thinking and a few tips from our kitchen top notch wizard. So, our wizard advises you to start taking the accurate measurements of your kitchen and set your budget to your comfortable level because we are going out to furnish the kitchen.

Now, the most advisable kitchen style for limited space is, drums please, the modern style. Modern style is practical and will allow you to function effective in your kitchen but hey, who said practical is not beautiful? Modern kitchens steal the show with their new innovative colors and designs. The lower cabinets are preferred to have 24 inches depth as storage is a very crucial point when it comes to limited space. To enable you perform better, let the kitchen take the shape of an aisle or what looks like a small galley.

Counter tops of the same length is the best option in this small kitchen. Let there be a work triangle, that is the spot that witnesses most of your work and make this triangle an equilateral one. Now, put the fridge outside this work zone because if it is inside your work triangle, it will do more bad than good and it will blsettingsr way. Nothing is supposed to installed above the sink, believe me you do not want to bump your head into a cabinet or anything else. The last and probably the most important magical trick is the light setting, ‘not too strong’ that is the key, let there be dimly lighted corners.

Pics Via : bradysantos

Pics Via : kitchentoday