Interior Design 4

Smart Designing Ideas for Small Apartments

The first rule you need to follow when you design a small apartment is to keep the clutter to a minimum. When you choose the painting colors, always go for the bright colors like white, light sand, butter yellow, pastel peach and beige, because these colors will help to give the place the feeling of an extra space.

Choosing the furniture pieces for small apartments will be a little bit different, because you need to look for the pieces that take small spaces and contain enough storage places. For example, when you choose your living room set, make sure to buy a sofa with a storage place or that converts to a bed if you need additional sleeping places.

Look for the coffee tables that have drawers to store your books and magazines in and follow the same steps when you choose your bedroom set. Always place the furniture pieces against the walls to make your rooms look larger and to provide yourself with enough free space to move freely.

When you choose your kitchen cabinets, make sure to buy tall cabinets that reach the ceiling to provide enough storage places in your kitchen and always keep the counter cleaned off everything like the small appliances. Use the vertical space and hang some shelves on the walls to store your kitchen stuff on, you can also use the wall mounted shelves in any other room as an additional storage place.

Designing a small apartment doesn’t have to be boring or hard, there are simple tricks that you can use to achieve the amazing design that you want. One of these tricks is using the natural light as much as possible by having large windows and if you can’t design a large window you can use the curtain trick.

The curtain trick is done by hanging a curtain rod that is twice the width of the window and for better results try to hang the rod near to the ceiling to make the window look taller. Don’t forget to choose bright colors for your curtains and place your curtains in the ways that fits you like pulling them at both sides or at one side using curtain hold backs or you can simply leave them loosely down.

Decorate your small apartments with cheerful and bright accessories and accents like vase that is full of beautiful flowers. Mirrors are one of the magical ideas that make small spaces look large; they also reflect the light in such an amazing way especially the daylight and candles light.