Smart Ideas to Provide More Space in Small Homes

Most people complain about not having enough free spaces, when they design their small homes. The advanced décor art found many decorative ideas for such a problem. Go vertical, is the first solution. For example, in your kids rooms use bunk, loft, or fold beds to save more space for your kids to play.

Use vertical storage options in your living and dining rooms and avoid putting a lot of furniture pieces not to feel crowded and to provide more space for you to move freely. Ok, I know this is tough for some people but you really need to get rid of the stuff that you don’t use, you can sell them or give them to charity.

When you shop for your furniture, try to pick the pieces that have storage places like side drawers or under mattress storage places. You will find variety of these furniture pieces like, kids bunks beds, ottoman beds and living room couches. Choosing small furniture pieces will help you to provide more space in your home. We put a lot of large sized furniture in our bedrooms so, when you choose your bed, go for the small sized beds like queen or sleigh beds and place it against the widest wall in the room.

You can use shelves instead of the nightstands to save more places in your bedroom. If you love having a table or floor lamp beside your bed, you can hang electric sconces above your bed instead. Use a small closet that reaches all the way to the ceiling to provide more storage area, use rods, shelves and drawers inside your closet for optimized storage. Use a mirror doors for your closet to make the room look larger and to check your outfit every morning.

Ladies, you need to put your make up area in the bathroom to save more places in the bedroom. Using aluminum and glass fold doors is such an amazing solution to save more places in your small home. They don’t use large space of the floor and; they are perfect in dining rooms and to separate spaces inside your home. When you design your kitchen and your bathroom in your small home, you need to be so practical. Use as much storage places as you can like shelves, drawer and under sink units, make your kitchen cabinets reach the wall and use small tubs in your bathroom.

Pics Via : inhabitat