Smart Ideas to Make your Own Headboard

Go simple, take a look around and search between the surrounding materials for some simple and inspirational ideas. It may look weird, but have you ever thought about using your home’s wooden fence as a headboard for you bed? I know it sounds weird but it will look amazing. You can bring a piece form your wooden picket fence; apply a beautiful color to it and then use it as a bed headboard, it will look amazing.

If you love your family and you want to start and end your day with them, then you need collect some special family photos, put them in frames that have the same color, so they look unified and then arrange these frames in special pattern on the wall above your bed. You can also use a special piece of art instead of the photo frames.

Search in your basement for an old door, mantel or an old window frame, bring them out and take the size of your bed. Start by cutting the piece that you chose to match your bed size, paint it with the color that you like or you can decoupage it with a fabric or a paper. Your headboard will really look like a stunning piece of furniture and you will make an amazing use of your old furniture pieces.

You can also make an amazing headboard using a trellis; they are available with many sizes and shapes to choose form. Just get the one you like and paint it with you favorite color or with a color that matches your bed and fix them to the wall behind the bed to keep it staple. You can use some decoration touches to it by adding some plastic flowers or colorful ribbons.

Set your creation free and look for some other materials around to make a one of the kind headboard. In this regard, let me tell you about this idea, look for a ceiling tin sheet and use it as a headboard for your bed. They are available in most flea markets and salvage stores. Just make sure to make choose them a little larger than the width of the bed and nail them to the wall to get the best look.

Let’s go simple and let’s use some simple ideas like curtain rods. You can make a beautiful headboard by hanging a curtain rod up in the ceiling above the bed, hang the curtain panels and enjoy the royal look.