Smart Practical Ideas To Create A Perfect Small Kitchen

Actually it is an advantage for a kitchen to be small & compact because the structure & design ensure an efficient planned cost-effective outcome. If you want to make your kitchen look bigger then create illusion by using proper lighting & strategic placements of lightings, don’t forget that the success of small & compact kitchens lies on the organized placement of storage cabinets, appliances & other fixtures. To maximize your kitchen you can install diagonal flooring tiles & paint your cabinets with bright colors, installing also corner sinks will be useful.

The world of technological innovations has already produced highly recommended products, appliances & fixtures for the kitchen that equally small, compact & efficient too, now you can easily get a compact dishwasher or microwave that are small in size & can fit even on the countertop & they are not expensive keeping their original function. Also built in appliances to the cabinetry will be a good solution for as they will become part of any kitchen with adding a door panel which blends in with the rest of your kitchen. So miniature kitchen appliances became very popular for those in temporary or compact accommodation.

With proper planning you can make your small kitchen both functional & beautiful as you will need only creativity to be able to create storage places, a small round table is often used for such small & compact kitchens or use tables & chairs for dining then store them in a storage room, also you can maximize counter space by installing an island as it gives you also storage place or you can design a folding board or bar into your cabinets as it can be open like a drawer then shifts to be a long bar for preparing meals or dining then close it after finish from using it.

Work triangle is a perfect way to arrange the sink, stove & refrigerator in a triangular pattern as it saves unnecessary steps when working in your small kitchen, corner shelves also can take place between the corner of upper & lower cabinets for more storing area, also you can install deeper counters that can accommodate more appliances & cover it with glass door cabinets to reflect wider spacing. Hanging up pots & pans on the wall can take less storage area & look more decorative.

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As seen on Kitchen Cousins, a beauty shot of the Registe kitchen with orange and gray kitchen cabinets.