Smart Solutions for Designing Living-Dining Room

Nowadays, many people live in small apartments where rooms are less defined or have multi purposes. It becomes challenging for those people to select the right furniture that makes one place function as two or several. Here are some smart solutions for designing an elegant living-dining room. Have a look at these ideas and try what is best for your living-dining room.

Banquette Seating:

Banquette seating is one of the most stylish décor solutions especially for tight spaces. In order to realize a banquette seating, you will need a banquette sofa, upholstered chairs or even wingback chairs and a table. Round tables are most popular for a banquette seating. You can also add some tasty ottomans to accommodate more people.

The trick is to mix and match colors, patterns and textures of the banquette seating items. For instance, combine leather with patterned and plain fabrics. Match colors like olive green, dark red, cream, etc. By applying this trick, you will not only bring a stylish twist to the living-dining room but also a cozy and casual appeal to it.

Adjustable-High Coffee Table:

Another smart solution is getting an adjustable-high coffee table. All you need to do is lift the table when you need it a dining table and lower it when you need it a coffee table. Yet, make sure to buy a durable and high quality adjustable table. Besides, get classy upholstered chairs that are comfy enough to make dining chairs and living room chairs. Then spread the chairs around the room in an organized way. Get the chairs around the table when you need to dine.

High coffee table:

Further, a high coffee table can be a simple solution for a living-dining room. Keep the comfy living room seating as it is. And just have a high coffee table instead of the traditional low coffee table. This is a sound solution for a living-dining room particularly if you already have a living room and you need not spend extra money on another dining room.

Hopefully, these smart solutions help you design a stylish living-dining room that amazes your family and friends. Be creative and you will be able to make the best of your space.

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