5 Smart Tips for Arranging Your Small Living Room Furniture

Living in small apartments seems like everyone’s problem these days. People have to try to deal with the problem of small space and how to make it good or at least tolerable. It is no wonder that people are always asking interior designers about decorating small living room and how to arrange their furniture. Find some smart tips for that in this article.

1- To make small spaces look good, you have to lessen visual elements that cause visual clutter. Therefore, when choosing colors for your living room, do not choose more than three colors. Needless to say, all of them have to be soft shades.

2- Small spaces need hidden storage ideas. So, what to do if you need to put away remote controllers, books and magazines? Buy furniture that has storage function. An ottoman is better than a coffee table, and a cabinet is better than an end table.

3- Start with large pieces first. When choosing living room furniture, choose the sofa and the coffee table first. If you have room for more, then you could get extra chairs. If you do not then it is gorgeous as it is. This obviously means that you will not buy a whole living room set, and will instead get individual pieces, which is better because it will give your room more character.

4- The more simple the design, the better. Make sure your furniture has simple lines and patterns. Keep things light as much as usual. In a small living room, armless chairs and sofas are better. It is also much better if you choose furniture you can see its legs. Skirted sofas and chairs make your living room look more crowded.

5- Make sure you choose the furniture first then paint the walls later. The reason is that you won’t have to be limited by the wall paint colors when choosing furniture. Tell us about what you do to make your living room look bigger.