4 Smart Tips on Choosing Appliances for Small Kitchens

Small houses and small kitchens have become a characteristic of contemporary lifestyle. Kitchenware and kitchen appliances designers have designed small and multi purposed kitchen appliances. There are so many small kitchen appliances available now that we have to learn what to get and what to neglect when buying appliances for small kitchens.

1- Do not be tricked by the media and the commercials that tell you that this certain tool is the wow of the century or that tool that does everything you can or cannot think of. Buy what you need only. Do not waste your money and your precious kitchen space on useless thou seemingly attractive contraptions.

2- Put away whatever you are not using at the moment. Small kitchens can become cluttered easily. So put away your kitchen appliances. This will make your kitchen seem larger and will make your work in it easier. You can leave the things you usually use like coffee machine or microwave on your countertop.

3- Make sure your new kitchen appliances complement the look of your new kitchen. Choose matching colors. You can even use colors that make your kitchen seem bigger, like whites and silvers. Slender shapes will convey a feeling of space and will give your kitchen a stylish look.

4- Use appliances that are mounted to save space. Use wall lights and a ceiling fan instead of stand-alone fans and lights. Mount your spice rack on the wall instead or reducing your countertop space.

Kitchen appliances should be chosen wisely. Make sure you are getting what you need only. Be practical and choose durable and convenient appliances. Put away what you do not need. Reduce clutter as much as possible. These are – in short- the things you need to remember when choosing appliances for your small kitchen.

Pics Via : hgtv