Smart and Tricky Ideas to Provide More Space in Small Apartments

Small apartments, nowadays, become popular and the only option for many of us. As we live in hard economic days these small homes are the best choice ever to have a modest standard of living. As a result, there are many tricks and smart ideas to make your small home look spacious and to be able to have your dream look.

This mission of decorating a small home is all about tricking the eyes that you have a spacious place. So, you need to take advantage of every single space you have to do this mission. Let’s begin the tricky mission to transform your small apartment into a beautiful oasis that looks spacious and functional too.

Color does matter!! You have to choose the wall colors wisely you should avoid dark colors. A neutral scheme is perfect to make your home look bright and to add a pop of colors you can do this with accents and small items. Floorings need to be the same color as the walls to give a flow and spacious feel.

Then, what else is important?! Your furniture is another factor to consider, how to choose them and place them both are important. In this case, you have to select multi-functional items that could serve more than one purpose. The options now, in 2016 market, are endless you can get and find what you want. But keep in mind to free clutter from the area you need it to look spacious. What are these options? They are many like a bunk bed with extra storage area or another bed, ottomans that serve as extra storage or seating, coffee table and more, stairs with drawers and shelves, convertible sofas, small islands for a kitchen with wheels and so on.

Use the vertical space; you should take advantage of the whole wall space by shelves or built-ins. Don’t forget the great impact of mirror and lights. You can hang a decorative framed metal mirror that will make your space brighter and larger and with the right light fixtures for basic illumination and moods, you will have your dream home look.