Smart Types of Energy Efficient Window Shades by Lisa Scheff Designs

The solar radiation is welcome in most of the winter nights, but you will need to convert such radiations into a useful power or at least block the execute heat to reduce the cooling bills. Lisa Scheff and her team members will provide you a few inspirational window shade options to help you define what you really need.

If you intend to save the solar energy to use it to operate your home, you should install smart exterior devices such as solar panels. Yet, the interior shades, window films, insulating shades, cornices, valances, stationary panels, and curtains installed to the east facing windows in particular will save your cooling power consumption. Lisa Scheff recommends the blocking roman shades with custom drapery to provide the room a unique privacy and soften the edges and frames of your windows.

The available smart techniques of operating your new window shades will certainly amaze you. You can find motorized shades with retractable lift cords, wand controls, and cord tensioners in addition to shades with thermal insulation, UV Protection, noise insulation, and air trapper.

Furthermore, you can find window shades with touch screens to measure the temperature indoors and outdoors to adjust the natural light getting in and out of your windows.

Apart from the functional role of your window shades, you should find the perfect color and size to enhance the decorative look of the place. For example, you can choose an inverted pleat, pinch pleat, or goblet pleat with a suitable header and hardware according to the function and formality of the room. Lisa prefers to decorate the neutral colored room with a dark red curtain and a zebra patterned rug to combine the light and dark shades of the place.