Sofa Beds and Their Role in Our Modern, Contemporary Homes

With space becoming more and more of a precious commodity in today’s modern, contemporary homes, the sofa bed is playing a crucial role in making the most of whatever space is available. To a large extent they have replaced the guest bedroom as a means of comfortably accommodating visitors. Care should be taken, however, in selecting the correct sofa bed to fit the specific dimensions of a room if a suffocating effect is to be avoided. Overstuffed sofas only serve to emphasise the smallness of a room and sleeker styles are best suited here, but, if situated correctly, plush sofa beds make wonderful conversation pieces.

In a room of suitable size, a plush sofa bed in a colour or fabric that is in stark contrast to the rest of the room’s décor need not create a jarring effect. It can, in fact, become an interesting focal point if cleverly accessorised. Using cushions, lampshades or wall hangings that complement its colour or materials will successfully incorporate the sofa bed into a harmonious whole, yet allow it to stand out as a showpiece. If space is an issue, then getting rid of a central light fitting can be beneficial. Instead, a sofa bed can be set between two small tables that hold decorative lamps. These will also serve as bedside lamps for the convenience of guests. Because the sofa bed will also be utilised for sleeping, it should be of the best highest affordable quality.

Its duel functionality makes the sofa bed more prone to wear and tear and cheap models will quickly show both. Materials need to be durable as well as attractive. With less space generally being offered in modern, contemporary homes, patterning on the fabric of a sofa bed should also be kept to a minimum, as this detracts from the illusion of space. Mattresses either have foam or sprung mattresses. The sprung mattress is generally the more comfortable and gives the most support, but memory foam can be a good alternative. These mattresses conform to the shape of the body and return to their original shape when that weight is removed, so they do offer wonderful comfort and durability. By day the sofa bed should lose its bedroom identity and fold easily into a striking piece of living room furniture.

If a sofa bed of sufficient quality is bought, it can provide years of stylish comfort in its roles as both a bed and a sofa in the modern, contemporary home. There are many ways to maximise available space and the sofa bed performs admirably as a contributing factor.

Pic Via : tesco