Sophisticated Classic Dining Room Design Ideas with a Modern Twist by Lisa Wolf

The sophisticated dining room design can be glamorous, pretty, chic, or dramatic, but it should reflect the exact mood and effect you love. In your classic dining room, you can use embroidered antiques, pieces of art, and ornamented silver or golden colored furniture to reflect the sophisticated side of your personality and create a balanced look in the place. Lisa Wolf will share you more ideas to create such a sophisticated look in your home professionally.

The sophisticated room doesn’t need to be complicated, yet it should reflect the elegant side of your family members. Lisa Wolfe and her team install such sophisticated dining spaces in a separate room, within the kitchen, or in an open design space such as such a simple glass dining table with black chairs that serve as an informal dining space in the kitchen of a modern downtown condominium in Chicago. The place reflects the homeowner’s love to nature with its floor to ceiling glass windows and green plants beside the dining table.

The unfinished dining table with similar chairs or upholstered sectional sofas with your favorite colors will enhance the elegant and sophisticated look of your dining room.

Lisa loves to use such a stained wooden table in modern and traditional interiors along with white and red chairs, a sectional bench with storage spaces, or a combination of a bench and colorful chairs to enhance the elegant look of the dining space.

You can still create a unique and sophisticated dining space using a black accent wall, yellow lacquer chairs, patterned wallpaper, or industrial decorative elements with a modern chandelier. For an informal sophisticated dining space, you can make use of an existing rooftop deck or outdoor space installing a combination of indoor and outdoor furniture pieces along with natural plants and a small outdoor kitchen.