Sophisticated Traditional Home Decor Ideas Using Dark Floor by Tina Barclay

Installing dark wood to the floor of your traditional home can create different moods depending on the color of the wall and your furniture. Throughout the designs of Tina Barclay and her team, you can find out different ways to use such dark wood in your traditional styled home.

If you admire the dark walnut floor but have a small apartment, it will be a great idea to create a sense of contrast in the place using white or light colored furniture, wall, and ceiling. In the Single Dream Home, Tanya Barclay’s team members install white cabinets in the kitchen that featured dark walnut floor and beige walls to create a sophisticated look in such a small space. They apply the same idea in the Montauk House, as they contrast colorful furniture pieces and area rug with the dark walnut floor.

You can create a sophisticated and dramatic look using wooden dark floor with similar or lighter shade of color and install powerful and bright lighting system or floor to ceiling windows. In a private residence, Tanya Barclay’s team members install walnut floor with cherry cabinets and green painted kitchen island to provide the place a sophisticated look.

In the dining room, the designers create an accent stone wall to provide the place a warm feel along with walnut floor and bamboo dining table, but the floor to ceiling window and chandelier create balance in the place.

Instead of walnut floor, you can use dark colored tiles, granite floor, or dark engineered hardwood with wooden furniture and neutral colored walls for a more sophisticated look. The colorful accessories and glass surfaces will be great options to create a balance in such a room. If you already have a light colored floor and need to create a sophisticated look, the dark carpet will provide the place the same effect of the dark floor.