Space-Saving Laundry Room Layouts and Decorations

Do you need to design a laundry room, but have a small space? This will not be a problem anymore. Actually, you can design such a room using compact storage spaces and appliances including the washing machine, tumble dryer, ironing boards and clothes iron. Here are a few ideas to keep the room spacious and organized.

When you begin your laundry room design, try to take into consideration the storage cabinets and shelves to keep the room organized all the time. For example, you can install pull out cleaning supplies racks beside or inside your cabinets.

The floor to ceiling cabinets will provide you plenty of storage space, but if you have a shortage of floor space, the freestanding high cabinets will be your best solution. The folding drying racks and pull out ironing boards will be practical and space-saving solutions for such a small room.

The laundry sinks with micro-jets with a countertop above the cabinets and washing machines will provide the room a functional and organized look. If you have enough space at the corner, you may need to design a seating area to take break from time to another while working in the room. The open shelves will complete the design of the room, as they will provide the room an additional storage space giving the place a spacious look.

The color of your laundry room will be extremely important to give the room a spacious and more comfortable look. For example, the bright colors such as cool blue, cozy green and beige will be suitable for such a room.You can keep the room’s floor without carpets, but the floor tiles should be durable and safe. The final touches like green plants and natural or artificial light will give the room its own charm and uniqueness.