Space-Saving Micro House Design Ideas

Having a principal or additional micro house means that you should keep it airy and uncluttered as much as you can. Such a house will certainly provide you the needed comfort and warmth, especially if you have a tranquil and inspiring surrounding.

You may have a micro house for different reasons. For example,you may live in an overcrowded city and this is the available house; so, you should adapt with the available size using creatively organized storage spaces. If you intend to spend your vacations in a tranquil place away from your city, a micro house near the natural views will be a great choice.

You should bring only the necessary furniture pieces and furnishings to keep the place clean and relaxing. You may have a movable micro house to let you live in different outdoor settings and enjoy your life in different places. Such a house should include all the essential needs stored with space saving ways.

To save the space of such a micro house, you will need to use different techniques like the folding, transformable, and extendable furniture. For example, the foldable bed incorporated into a closet can serve as a separate bedroom. The transformable furniture such as a sofa bed, a cabinet that turns to be an office deskand a sleeping bag that turns to be a couch will increase the functional and aesthetic value of your home saving your space at the same time.

The external shape of your micro house can extremely attractive so that you love to spend your time inside and outside the home. If you are rich enough to design a micro house surrounded by the seawater, you will enjoy impressive moments in your floating home away from people. The eco-perch tree house and the eagle point house will be perfect inside the jungle.

Pics Via : interiorish