10 Space-Saving Tricks for Tiny Houses

Most people live in small houses nowadays. Small houses have various features you can’t ignore. Small houses provide you with warmth and easy to maintain and to decorate.

Here are 10 space-saving tricks for tiny Houses:

1- To make your small room look bigger that it really is, you should hang a long and gracious lamp from the ceiling at one of the corner of the room.

2- When you want to buy new bed, then a queen size bed with storage underneath is a great choice for small bedrooms.

3- To give the impression of maximum space, try to rearrange your furniture, for instance: place your queen size bed with its length flush against the far wall when you enter the room.

4- If you will paint your small room, then you should avoid using darker shades.

5- The best way to get an extra space is buying a bed that allows you to store things underneath it.

6- To save space in your small room, you can add shelves on the wall to hold books and save space on the study table for other things.

7- If you are looking for a more practical solution to save space, then you should buy a large cylinder, cover it with a cloth and then use it as table. Inside cylinder you can have some of your stuff.

8- Keep in mind folding chairs with sliding legs structure are practical for your small home.

9- Keep in mind, items that are lying free on the floor and occupying space should be kept in shelves.

10- A flat screen TV mounted on the wall will instantly add space to your small room.

Finally, you need to get built-in furniture as it will save a lot more room than store-bought furniture.

Have a glance at the images beneath to get more ideas about 10 space-saving tricks for tiny houses.

Pic Via : resourcefurniture