Spanish Kitchen Designs

The Spanish design depends mainly on the natural materials, vivid or bold colors, and antique items. After designing this kitchen, you can invite all of your relatives and friends whenever you want, to have delicious meals in a friendly and natural atmosphere into your unique kitchen. This article will show you various designs to let you choose what will fit your existing kitchen.

To ensure a successful design, you will need to assess your budget and space to work according to them. The Spanish cabinets are characterized by their distressed look, large drawers, and glass doors or open shelves- to display your glassware. You can install accent lights into your Spanish style cabinet or under the countertop to add warmth to the space. The kitchen island in your Spanish kitchen may include an oven and a cooktop or a deep sink in addition to the eating area. Installing an antique lamp or wrought iron candelabra will be a nice and elegant touch.

Your Spanish kitchen walls can be painted strong and natural colors such as rich red, deep blue, dark green, deep yellow, and warm amber. Your backsplashes can be decorated by mosaic tiles with bold patterns, bright blue, golden yellow or deep red tiles to resemble the colorful Spanish hacienda. You have the choice to install stone, clay, wood and Talavera, peel and stick vinyl, and hand-made ceramic tiles in blue, green, or red colors.

The functional accessories will set the final touch in your Spanish kitchen. You will find wrought iron knobs, handles, hooks, and racks easily to give your kitchen a nice touch. The Spanish kitchens are decorated with antique pottery, dishware, paella pans, bottles of olive oil, bunches of herbs, espresso pots, and heavy mason jars. You can add a large hearth to add more warmth to your beautiful Spanish kitchen.

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