The 4 Spells you Need to Learn When Dealing with the Magic of Colors

Have you ever looked at something that has no colors? This seems somewhat hard to imagine so let me rephrase it: Have you ever looked at a picture or a design of a room online or in a magazine with and without colors? What do you think now about the effect of colors? Isn’t it magical? Colors are a wondrous magic that – when used carefully- could make your place look a whole lot better. You will learn here a few spells that will let you use the magic of colors effectively to make your house look better.

1- The first spell is the spell of enlargement. The right colors enlarge small rooms and make them look a lot bigger. White, yellow and pale accents of most colors make your rooms seem more spacious. Use soft shades and light bright colors to give your room a spacious look.

2- Another great color spell is the spell of affecting temperature. Orange and red colors seem to give your rooms a feeling of warmth. Thus, they would be great to use in places with cold climate. Blue and green tones and accents give your room a feeling of coolness. You should use such colors in places with hot climate.

3- The Spell of illumination is another great spell you could cast with light colors. White and bright colors help at maximizing natural and artificial light. It would be better to use this spell with shiny surfaces because they help at reflecting light.

4- Mood changing spell is another great spell you could cast with the right colors. Think about the type of the room and what kind of atmosphere you want it to convey. Black, red, orange etc are bold and vivid colors that have an energetic effect. They are best suitable for entertainment rooms or reception halls. While lavender, soft blue, aqua, faded pink etc are relaxing and romantic colors that are bestsuitable for bedrooms.

Color magic is an important step in decorating your house. Decide what colors you like and choose colors that set the right mood and make your house look bright and beautiful.

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