Spending The Least To Furnish Your Dorm Room With Multifunction Pieces

Actually starting your college is a new stage in your life with taking your own decisions by yourself, perhaps college dorm room is the first place you can furnish upon your personality without involving your parents with your choices but may be you will have a roommate. Hopefully both of you can plan about what to share with each other before purchasing is done by this you can have less expenses on furnishing your room. Common pieces between both of you can be hangers for your clothes, cooking supplies, lamps & electronic appliances.

Fundamental concepts should be kept in mind when selecting furniture as it should be strong & as space efficient as possible plus inexpensive. Platform bed is a good option with low price having under bed storage that saves floor space & reduce clutter, sharing your room mate with bunk beds as it will be a smart idea for small rooms, loft beds which is raised on long legs with ladder on side & a complete desk underneath this bed will be a practical idea, Futon beds is a multipurpose one as it shifts to bed by night with an easy changeable covers for cleaning them, finally bean bags is very comfortable for studying or watching TV.

Following these tips before furnishing your dorm room will lead you to the right choice:
– Decide what you need, only have pieces you actually need.
– Stick to your budget, choose a reasonable budget as you won’t use this furniture for more than 4 years so save your money & you can buy second handed items.
– Coordinate colors, choosing one color will help give everything unified with less cluttered.
– Check with your roommate, make sure that both of you are satisfied with your items & avoid buying the same ones.
Don’t forget that summer time is perfect for purchasing during sales & great offers from online store with free delivery.

Bringing the home feeling to your room can be done easily with the following ways:
– Pick a style of a room like Hawaiian or sporty one that will reflect your personality.
– Asses the space you have, you can choose multifunction metal furniture as they appear less bulky.
– Hanging some stickers or posters or plants for adding home feeling.