5 Splendid Decoration Ideas for Small Living Rooms

It is a known fact of life that you will have to live in a small place at some point. Living in a small place might be difficult, because you will find that keeping a small place neat and organized is difficult. However, small places can be gorgeous too if planned right. A small living room will look great with the right decoration and ornaments. We will tell you here some splendid ideas for decorating a small living room.

1- If it can be mounted then mount it. There are a lot of appliances that can be mounted on the walls so that they would waste as little space as possible. For example, wall fireplaces and LCD televisions function right mounted on your wall even when they do not consume a lot of space.

2- Use lots of white. Things painted in white look bigger and wider (this is why women do not like white so much). So paint your living room walls in shades and accents of white (they are many believe me!) to make them look bigger. Also, choose white furniture (it could be made of leather if you are worried about spills and stains).

3- Well-lit places look bigger and wider. So provide your living room with strong lighting. Some people prefer strong head lighting but it might not light corners well enough. You could install wall sconces and they will light up your living room well.

4- Use glass for decoration. Glass refracts light and helps keep you living room be well lit. Use glass for your cabinet doors, doors, windows, ornaments and even your coffee-table top surface.

5- Use furniture that has an additional storage function. End cabinets instead of end tables can be used to store away things. Ottomans instead of coffee tables could be used to put away stuff. What is the relationship between storage and wide spaces? Storage will help you keep your living room clutter-free and clutter-free rooms look bigger. Decorating a small living room might be difficult but it is certainly not impossible. With these tips you will have a lovely living room.