Interior Design 4

Splendid Ideas to Create a Stylish Living Space by Kristin Petro

Are you ready to bring life back to your home? If you already have your own ideas, Kristin Petro and her team will help you add professional touches to your plan and apply your avoid several mistakes at your renovation stage.

The simplest way to refresh the look of your living space is to use deep accent colors and layered accents. Petro recommends the corals and different blue shades, especially the dark shades that provide your space a deep look.

To enhance such depth, it will be a great idea to use fabrics with African motif patterns in your traditional living space and geometric shaped patterns in your modern space. If you need to create a sense of harmony between your living space and the rest of your home, you can simply unify the pattern and color of your home’s throw pillows or accessories.

Enhancing the look of your ceiling will bring life and style to your living space effectively. In your traditional or historic living space, the beamed ceiling with authentic or faux architectural details can create a dramatic and exiting sense and the beadboard or coffered ceiling will create an airy look in your living space. If you have a modern home, the suspended or gypsum ceiling with LED hidden lights and even the bold colored ceiling are perfect options. Petro recommends the gray-blue ceiling color because,” It’s the color of the sky, and it’s subtle”.

If you have generous sources of natural light, you can use layers of grey shades to enhance the airy look in the place. Sheri Gibson of Kristin Petro Interiors provides such a grey home an inspiring look using white beamed ceiling, natural stone focal point, dark grey pillows and curtains, light grey upholstered furniture, and patterned area rugs.