Splendid Ways to Showcase Your Vintage Collection – Say No More!

Creative ClipboardsClipboards now can be used outside the office, hung over the walls as if industrial-style holders for vintage paper items. You also can find old, used, and rusted clipboard at resale shops and garage sales as well. Besides, you can hang them on the walls easily using a twine piece. You are totally free to cut short pages from your beloved vintage textbook, flash cards, postcards, love letters, or even magazine ads.

Beautiful Pages
Chic look means to have vintage books or a color-coordinated row bundle on a shelf. However, guests will not be able to see what is hidden inside. If you want to show them stylishly, all you need to do is to open them up and hang them on the wall. Also, you can move them to make them appear in such harmonized patterns. The perfect nook features to consider for reading are framed quote and antique chairs.

Stylish Stack
Suitcases are known to be heavy and huge elements to consider in any home. Stacking suitcases and luggage in different sizes above each other helps immensely to provide your house with a touch of coziness and elegance. If you want to make a stack of suitcases suit the place perfectly, especially if you get them in the same color or material. The whole scene will appear as if you are just out of an old train station!

Bright Bottles
Despite the fact that a windowsill is gorgeous and offers a stunning view to keep vintage bottles in order, a chandelier is another charming way to spread the light shine all over the place. Buying a vintage bottle chandelier can make life brighter. You can also inherit a previously made collection doing the same exact thing.

Tray Display
People used to use printer trays and drawers in letterpress printing. Nowadays, you can use them as practical and cultural spots for the sake of offering pint-sized features in your house. You can imitate what pro interior designers do by highlighting letters and numbers in various sizes in vintage trays, which are hung on the wall. Color differences play a major role in establishing the needed visual attraction.