SpongeBob Square Pants Themed Room Design

SpongeBob Square Pants is a favorite character among both children and adults. It appeared in 1993, and it has a rich history. SpongeBob lives in an underwater city. If your child is a fan of that yellow colored character, then you can use it for his / her bedroom and parties also.

In fact, SpongeBob can be a good choice for a boy or girl’s bedroom. When you choose SpongeBob Decor for your child’s bedroom, then yellow will be the predominant color. You can use paint or wallpaper to make the walls of the bedroom yellow. When decorating the room, it is better to use the characters for the accessories rather than the theme. In other words, you can use the characters for the pillows, lamps, clock, … etc but not the walls. Bedding and furniture that display the image of SpongeBob and his under the sea friends are available. You can have a look online and see what you can get. Also, a blue and white carpet or floor rug will make the room pleasant.

SpongeBob Square Pants party ideas are becoming popular children theme parties. In fact, decorating the party room is not a difficult task. All what you need is to make the party room resemble SpongeBob’s home under the sea. For this purpose, you can use bags with water stones, little toy fish, and some seashells. Yellow needs to be the prevailing color in all the decorations of the party room. Also, you can get a SpongeBob “Happy Birthday” banner and hang it in the party room. As for the birthday supplies, you can either buy a SpongeBob Square Pants cake at a local bakery or make it at home. In this way, you can ensure that the party is fun and successful.