Spread Extravagance in Your Living Room with These 5 Ideas


Your living room is the place where you have and entertain your guests. Thus, it is the place where they form their first impression about you. There are things that will make them think your living room is tacky or tasteless, and there are other things that will make them think your living room is sleek and elegant, or in short “Extravagant”, like:
1- Hide your living room TV. A TV working as the center point of the room sends a lot of negative impressions to your guest (like the most important thing for you is watching TV). Hiding your TV will make your place look expensive and extravagant. You can make a TV cabinet with mirror doors, that you could close and open when you need to watch your TV.
2- Use unusual fabrics in your living room. Using unusual fabrics to cover some pieces in your room creates the illusion that these pieces are antiques. You could use them for cushions, tablecloths, etc. This will give your living room the ultimate extravagant ambiance.
3- Smooth your living room sharp geometric shapes with sculptural pieces. Using sculptural pieces makes your guests think that you have taken the time to consider your room décor carefully and stamp it with your personality, instead of copying whatever it is you found in some picture. A sculptural lamp or a carved mirror on the wall will do the trick.
4- Use various materials. This also says you wanted to add your personal touch to your living room so you bought different pieces from different places. Using a combination of materials in your living room will give it the polished air it needs. Use different fabrics, and different types of wood in addition to glass and stone.
5- Add some few vintage touches. Nothing gives off an air of extravagance than few gorgeous pieces that give the feeling that you raid auctions to decorate your living room.




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