A 5 Step Guide for Repainting Fabric Chairs

Chairs – like any other piece of furniture get old and dirty all the time. One of your kids may stain them with ink or other type of hard-to-clean stains. After few years and multiple accidents in which you had to scrub your chairs, you find that their colors have faded and that stains were not completely removed. Instead of wasting your money on reupholstering your chairs, learn here how to paint them anew.

1- Clean your chairs well. Vacuum clean them and steam clean them as well. You can even flip them upside down so that dirt falls when cleaning every nook and cranny in your chairs. Then choose a good area for your paint project. A basement would be a good place ( it is far from places where there are dirt and wind). Then place a plastic cover or few layers of old newspapers under the chairs.

2- There must be some spaces you do not want painted on your chair (like the wooden legs or the trimming). Cover all these spaces with painter’s tape.

3- Mix paint with a textile medium. The quantities should be one third textile medium and two thirds paint. Mix the two quantities well with your brush.

4- Paint your chairs with light strokes using a paint roller or a brush. You might need a couple more coats after the paint dries off. After it looks ready and you have the look you want, give it one last coat of paint.

5- You might have rough or uneven surfaces after you finish painting the chairs. Get some sandpaper and smooth them down. After that, get an iron and heat it to a suitable temperature (between low and medium) then iron the fabric so that the textile medium can start its magic.

Now you have gorgeous new DIY chairs and you will not need to pay exaggerated fees for renewing your old chairs or buying new ones.