6 Storage Ideas for a Kid’s Playroom

If you are one of those who looking for attractive and functional ideas around the world for your children’s playroom storage, just read this article carefully:

• First of all, you should look around the space that you have in your child’s room and remove all items that your child doesn’t use. This step will make the room more spacious.

• If your child’s playroom has big windows with a lot of light streaming in, then you should make the most use of the space around the windows as space for storage. You can create some shelves and hang them on the wall and keep your kid’s toys in them then paint the shelves in a color that mesh with your child’s playroom color scheme.

• Just because you have a small bedroom for your child, that doesn’t mean your child can play and walk around freely, the great idea is to get a loft bed made for your child with some height and to use the space underneath as a walk in storage space to store his toys and books. If you are thinking about your child locking himself inside the storage space, then you should go for childproof locks.

• To get extra space, try to buy wicker baskets and arrange them along the wall and allow your kid to dump in his toys into the basket.

• You can benefit from the space on your child’s room walls by putting up hooks and make giant tote bags into which you can dump your kid’s toys. For an elegant look, be sure, the bags are blending with the theme of the room.

• Finally, you can create a storage cabinet that is shaped like the room theme.

The following breathtaking pictures illustrate clearly how you can benefit from 6 storage ideas for a Kid’s playroom.

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