Striking Decorating Tricks to Transform the Look of Your Home

Your home is a small kingdom that should reflect your personality and lifestyle. You can change the way of decorating your home several times using new tricks to regularly transform the look of the place and live in a new environment.

If you have a large space, you should keep it comfortable and cozy. Actually, the tall potted houseplants at two or three corners with a wall painted a warm color will be a nice background to your furniture.

If the room has a fireplace, it will be a great idea to place a circular seating area with a round coffee table around your fireplace. You can organize this large room using functional room dividers or decorative screens. You can even use an L-shaped sofa near the large windows is the room is painted dark colors.

When decorating a small room, try to consider the theory of scale and proportion, as you will need the right sized furniture and accessories to avoid oversizing the room. The contrasting colors are advisable just in the large rooms, as you need to create a continuous line in the small room to give an illusion of a spacious look. If you have a dire need to create a vibrant look in the place, you place the patterned furniture away from the floor. This will create a sense of depth giving the place an open look.

There is nothing wrong with mixing patterns and textures in the room to create a unique and inviting look in the place. If you couldn’t change the main furniture, you can install different patterned pillows to create the same effect without affecting your budget. The throw rugs will enhance the textures of your pillows creating a warm and cozy feel in the room.

Pics Via : gnuarch