Stunning choices for Kitchen Backsplash

Kitchen backsplash are is an important part of the entire kitchen design. So, follow me to tell you about the most stylish tiles to use. Starting with the slate tile, it could be your perfect choice for many reasons. It’s so durable, soft, matches perfectly with kitchen appliances and looks so natural. I can hear you, yes it’s so easy to maintain and any scratches can be buffed out easily. Slate tile comes with many colors like, grays, deep blues, purple, etc. I have a little shiny secret for you, if you want your slate tile to look so bright, rub lemon oil over the stones.
Moving to another type which is glass tile, it would be the best choice for you if you want to achieve the modern look in your kitchen. You will find it in many different shapes and colors, like, blue, green and gray and for sure you will also find some mixed colors designs. Glass tile is non porous which makes it a great water resistant and it will never stain. This type also never gets scratched or fades.
The subway tiles, yes you are right it’s the same tile you see in the subway. This type comes with many colors that will melt in your kitchen design like, cream and white colors. It’s the best choice if you searching for a bright look for your kitchen. subway tiles are commonly arranged in horizontal shape and if you want to add a special touch, try angling its tiles. Subway tile is more breakable than the other kinds, so you need to consider this point before you buy it. One more thing, choose the subway tile with glossy finish to be easily cleaned.
Small kitchen owners, I have an amazing type for you which is the mirror tile. This tile helps the small kitchens to look larger, and for sure it’s such a shiny touch of beauty to any design. Mirror tiles aren’t so easy to clean, so it won’t be so friendly with the stains or water spots.
Stainless steal is such a durable choice for your backsplash. It gives such a modern touch to any kitchen, it’s also heat resistant and easy to clean and maintain, but not with the acidic spots, you have to clean them at the moment or they will ruin its finish. It will perfectly match your appliances; you just need to set a good budget before you buy it.