Stunning Classic Design Ideas with Clean Lines by Johnathan Blake

One of the classic design features is the architectural designs including arched windows, curved ceiling frames, and drop ceiling designs. However, you can still design a fascinating classic space in your clean lined home using such ways inspired from the projects of Johnathan Blake Interiors.

The most important part of designing your clean lined classic home is to show off your personality throughout the wallpaper and furniture choice. In a West Lake Okoboji home, Blake combines the freshness, comfort, elegance, and purity using patterned wallpaper for the accent walls, fresh blue colors for the informal rooms and passages, and grey shades in the bedroom and dining room. To enhance the clean classic look, Blake and his team use upholstered furniture with straight lines and a combination of patterned and plain fabrics.

The details will make the difference in your clean-lined home. Don’t be afraid of using a few details such as herringbone floor and faux moldings to provide your modern home an authentic classic touch. If you already have wooden floor, you can cover the surface with a suitable colored stain along with clean-lined natural stone countertops to enhance such an elegant feel.

Go big and simple in your furniture choice, especially if you have large space rooms. Johnathan Blake tends to use neutral color palette such as ivory, tan, and beige with darker patterns, ornamented classic lighting fixtures, and subway backsplash tiles with dark grout, high-tech kitchen appliances, and organic materials to provide the place a transitional look.

You can apply one or more of the previous ideas to remodel your existing home and provide it a classic touch, but make sure to keep a feel of harmony in the place collecting the modern and classic elements using suitable accessories.