Stunning Designs for Your Bedroom Closet

The closet is an essential part of any bedroom design. In this article, I will tell you about some tips and design ideas to have the best closet for your bedroom. Bed room’s closets come in many sizes and shapes to fit all your different needs and tastes. The first step you need to do before designing your closet, is to take the measurements of the place where you will put your closet in, you also need to decide the depth, length and the height of your closet.

You have two options when you design your closet, you can buy one form any trusted furniture store or you can customize one with a help of a good carpenter. In both cases take a look at your clothes and choose the design that fits your needs. Large closets give you more space to be creative. You can have wall to wall shelves, lots of rods, drawers and shelves, cubbyhole storage and a wide walk in space to walk freely.

You can also put a full length mirror, bench and a make up area. Lighting is an important element you need to consider, when you design your closet. You can put recessed lights, chandelier or a long pendant in the calling and use built in lights inside the closet itself. Paint your closet walls with a bright color.

Small closet and reach in closets are the most commonly used closets. They don’t provide many options, but you still can use some ideas to have larger storage spaces. Put high roods for your coats and dresses and low ones for your shirts, trousers, jeans and skirts.
You can keep your shoes in their boxes or you can put them on small shelves. If you have a little additional storage place, you can have couple of drawers for your belts, scarves, accessories and ties or you can use a non slip tie hanger instead.

The closet doors are an essential part of your bed room design, so choose the design that fits your entire bed room design. For example, you can use wooden traditional doors with silver or golden handles or you can use sliding doors covered with glass or mirrors to give your bed room the feeling of an extra space. No matter your room space is, décor art always provide you with the best solutions and ideas to achieve the design you want.