Stunning Focal Point Designs by AB Design Elements, LLC

Are you looking for creative and professional ideas for the interior design of your new custom home or vacation home or innovative ideas to renovate your existing home? It will be helpful to define your needs and browse the sites of several skillful designers to define the outlines of the project.

As a creative and collaborative team, the AB Design Elements, LLC are able to remodel the kitchen and living space of the Paparelli residence cleverly. They use stainless steel appliances, gypsum board backsplashes, an integrated cooktop, vent hood, high-tech refrigerator with a touch screen, and a Corian island top. The sleek cabinet-finish and under cabinet lights along with gypsum tile backsplashes provide such a functional kitchen a creative look. The living space has an accent focal point wall with a fireplace and neutral colored walls, accessories and seating area. The designers place a touch of color on the fireplace mantel to revive the look of the place.

The unique designs of the Vacation Home in Paradise Valley have surprising and innovative designs. The focal point of the living space consists of brown wavy wood panels made of American walnut veneer in addition to shell tile mosaic. Because of the high ceilings and the light brown walls, the small golden framed pictures and floor-to ceiling window treatments create a unique luxury in the place. The master bathroom has spa-like design with an oval bathtub surrounded by mosaic tiles and an antique vanity that provide the place a gorgeous look.

In the Bassett Residence, the AB Design elements’ team uses functional homey interior designs that match the round shape of the home. The beige walls, brownish floor, and black furniture pieces enhance the simplicity of modern style, in Pash Residence; the designers provide the kitchen a natural look in an innovative way. The durable glass backsplashes display the marvelous outdoor views and the open design home plane provides the whole place an airy and open look.

The traditional Maller master bathroom and ASID kitchen designs display the creative vision of the team of AB Design Elements. The team creates original cottage space in the kitchen beginning from the warm lights, espresso brown and beige colors, and argyle patterned backsplashes to the natural wooden cabinets, floor, and island painted matching colors. The bathroom features a simple claw porcelain bathtub and romantic decorations including the candles, faux green plants, and majestic chandler with cottage vanity made by the AB Design Elements, LLC located in Scottsdale.