Stunning Furniture Types for Your Bathroom

When you deiced changing or buying new bathroom furniture, you will find three major types of bathroom furniture; stand alone, modular and fitted. Starting with the stand alone type, the design of this type stands on its own, because it doesn’t have flat edges to enable it to be attached to any additional piece. If you have to add an additional piece to the stand alone type, you will end up with a little gab between them.

This stand alone furniture type is also known as free standing furniture. With its small size and unified design, the stand alone furniture type would be the perfect choice for you if you have a small bathroom. They provide a lot of storage places for bathrooms especially the small ones. The most popular unit of this type you will find in the markets is the vanity unit and the best place where you can put it is under the bathroom sink. They come in both modern and classic design.

The second bathroom furniture type is the modular type; this type is almost like the stand alone type. It has flat lines unlike the stand alone which allow any additional piece of any other furniture to be easily added to it. The best thing about this type is that it’s very easy to move, you can rearrange its units in many ways and every time you will have an amazing look for your bathroom.

Most of the modular furniture types are self assembly furniture, so you will need to assemble it at home. Just make sure to take a look at the assembled, finished pieces at the furniture show rooms to choose the design you like. The modular furniture units are placed against the wall in the bathrooms. They don’t come with filler panels which provide more extra space at its each ends. They match the modern bathroom designs more than the classic ones.

The third type is the bathroom fitted furniture, it’s more like the modular furniture type, but you can put it wall to wall next to any additional items or furniture pieces without the worry of having any gab between them. You can mount the fitted furniture on the walls and you can place them on the floor. Fitted bathroom furniture units come with variety of designs, sizes and styles. Unlike the stand alone, fitted furniture isn’t recommended for small bathrooms as they make it look smaller than it is.

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