Stunning Ideas to Decorate Your Garden with Different Styles

Your garden is a reflection of your home and lifestyle. It can be a perfect retreat to reduce the stresses of life. Consequently, you should decorate your garden to be an extension to your home.This article will provide you inspirations to decorate your garden with the suitable theme to your home.

If you have a modern home and need to reflect this style upon your garden, you should use clean lines, minimal trees, and formal plant designs. You will need neat and minimum lawns with sleek rockeries and simple water features. Having a patio in your garden, you will be able to use modern furniture pieces and cool colors to enhance the sleek look of your garden.

The traditional garden will look more romantic with the use of lush foliage and flowering plants. You should create depth, variety, and texture in your traditional garden using flowers with different patterns and colors in addition to the stepping stone pathways.

The romantic feel will be complete by a hammock or a swing that will let you enjoy these unique views. You can provide your garden a holiday feel creating a Mediterranean style place. To create such a Mediterranean look, you can place your flowers and green plants in terracotta pots and arrange stones and pebbles around the pots. The mosaic or ceramic tiles with rich colors and earthy or sandy tone surfaces in your garden, patio, or terrace will greatly enhance your Mediterranean theme.

Having a small sized garden, your decorative options will be reduced, but you can still give the place a spacious and inviting look. You can trim and hedge the bushy borders and plant warm colored flowers at the center of the garden and cool colors around to provide your garden a deep and spacious look.

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