Stylish Contemporary Lighting Designs

Contemporary lighting offers a lot of options with different designs that fits the different uses and needs. Starting with the flexible track lighting, this lighting type is commonly used in kitchens. Most people use it under the kitchen cabinets to provide them with enough lighting during preparing the meals. This lighting is task lighting, because it’s only used for specific uses not as a min lighting source.

Pendants lighting are another stylish contemporary lighting option, they come with many colors, designs, sizes and styles to fit the different lighting ambience whether dramatic or sparkle. They are one of the best ceiling lighting that provide an amazing bright lighting to any room; you can use them above dinning tables, kitchen island, breakfast bar, office desk and above the sink in small bathrooms.

Moving to the scones lighting, this type is classified as accent lighting. You can use them in both indoor and outdoor. Sconces lighting are very stylish and functional, you can use them as stylish decorative pieces and wherever you put them, you will enjoy a soft and warm lighting. You can put them in the hallway, stairway, outdoor, above your bed, above the bathroom sink, at both sides of a painting or a mirror and so many other places. Sconces lighting come with many different shapes that reflect different shapes of light.

Side lamps with polished chrome frames and lamps with bold and chunky bases are one of the most stylish examples of the contemporary lighting. They provide very warm and quite lighting which make them perfect for reading times. You can put them in your reading area in your living room or on your nightstands in your bedroom.

We all know the chandelier and we know its shape, but the contemporary chandelier has another concept. They come with many different finishes and shapes from before. For example, you will find shapes like jelly fish, spherical, or the polished nickel and for sure you can use the crystal chandelier, they never get old and you will find many designs that fit your contemporary design. They are commonly used in dining rooms and bedrooms.

Let’s get to know the recessed lighting, these lights come with two kinds, the down lighter and eye ball. Recessed light is commonly used in contemporary designs; they are the perfect choice if you are looking for a bright ceiling lighting. Living rooms, bathrooms and kitchen are the best rooms to use recessed lighting in.

Pics Via : houselooks