Stylish Ideas for Studio Apartments

Designing your studio apartments is more like designing a modern home, almost the same basic rules; the only difference here is that you have a limited space. When you design your studio apartment, make a list of all the thing that you need, choose functional objects and don’t go for big objects that require big spaces.

The Sofa bed is a perfect choice for studio apartments, you will use it as a sofa when friends come over and you can turn it to bed when you sleep. Use the vertical space in your apartment and have a mezzanine, it an amazing saving place solution. It consists of two levels, put a mattress on the upper level and use it as a bed. Now all the down level is free. You can put a sofa, chairs, desk, wardrobe, or whatever comes to your mind, this is up to your needs.

Still need more ideas? Murphy pull down bed is another practical solution for studio apartments. This bed is a folded bed, you fold it against the wall when you don’t use it and you pull it down on the floor when you sleep. This bed will save the place in your apartment. The Murphy beds come with integrated storage places like, wardrobes, shelves and cupboards, so you won’t worry about finding a place to store your stuff. Another similar solution is the bunk bed that folds away, but these beds don’t provide storage places.

When you shop for your kitchen appliances, buy the small sized appliances especially the stove and the refrigerator. The best design for small kitchen is the L shape design. The good news is, you can have a kitchen table with chairs, folded kitchen chairs and tables are an amazing idea. If you want a small dining room instead of the kitchen table and chairs, go for square tables, put it against a wall and spread the chairs around your apartment and when the meal time comes, pull it and place the chairs around and enjoy your meal.

Having a small bathroom isn’t an issue any more, décor art provides many ideas. You can have a wall mounted toilet and sink; they are very functional and save a lot of space. You can also have an open shower and if there is enough space you can just hang a curtain around it. Go vertical and use shelves as storage places and don’t forget to put a mirror to give your bath room a larger feeling.

Pics Via : topicsusa