Stylish Kitchen Design Ideas with Dining Areas Inspired from the Designs of Classic Kitchen and Bath

Are you looking for entertaining and stylish ideas for the heart of your home? Actually, you can create an astonishing look in your kitchen using sleek modern materials with your personal touch, yet the designs of Classic Kitchen and Bath team will certainly inspire you greatly.

The contrast of light and dark colors in your modern kitchen will create a visual appealing look in the place. Jeff, Fara, and Andrew Boico design a modern brown and beige kitchen with blue upper cabinets, glass-stripped backsplashes, porcelain floor, a glass dining table with beige chairs, and granite countertops to provide the place a warm and stylish look.

For a smaller kitchen, you can inspire your ideas from Jeff Boico, as he uses white quartz glossy cabinets and surfaces with a brown dining table and textured backsplashes to provide the place a spacious look.

It will be a great idea to make use of the open-plan floor and design an L-shaped workspace, a bi-level peninsula, a separate dining space, and porcelain wood grains. Fara Boico brings the stylish look of the dining space to the kitchen creating leather chairs, quartz toped island, milk white shaker cabinets, and glass chandeliers into a considerably small kitchen space. The stone and glass backsplashes and colorful flowers create a fresh look in the place.

If your kitchen is wide enough, you can install the dining table beside your kitchen island to enhance the visual communication with your guests. In your open design home, you can create visual interest using red and curved cabinets, metallic and glass accents, and a separate glass dining table with red and cream chairs. Using light and paint, you can create unique warmth in your kitchen just like such contemporary kitchens designed by the team members of Classic Kitchen and Bath.