Stylish Modern Home Designs for Large Spaces by Axis Mundi Team

Are you looking for spacious designs for your large home? You can just define the mood you need to create in the place and you will certainly find the right techniques and decorative elements. This article will let you brows a few designs of Axis Mundi firm and get inspiration from their spacious interior designs.

If your home has white washed walls like that is of the Grand Army Plaza Brooklyn, you have a choice to create a wide range of moods and looks. In the living space, the designer tries to make use of the floor-to-ceiling windows and the outdoor spectacular views to provide the room a decorative look.

The colorful throw pillows, area rug, and natural plants add a pop of color to the place. You can create a reading nook or a home office in such an apartment using glass wallsEven the warm colors can create a stylish look in your modern large space.

In the kitchen of Combined Westside Apartment, the team of Axis Mundi uses exotic bamboo cabinets, walnut floor, light brown strips of glass backsplashes, and grey natural stone counters to create a natural and warm feel in the place. To provide the place a pop of color, the designers use stainless steel appliances, orange chairs, black pendant lights, and a red small part of the wall. The extension of walnut floor along the home and the glass walls enhance the spacious look of the place.

In the Greenwich Village Townhouse, the team members of Axis Mundi provide the home a stylish modern look keeping the principal historical features of the place. For example, they use a white breakfast table with orange and black chairs, but keep the formal look of the dining room using a rectangular wooden table with similar black chairs in addition to an antique historical chair. If you are living in New York Metro area, you can contact Axis Mundi firm for interior design services.