Stylish Vintage and Modern Suitcase-Like Furniture Pieces

Designing your modern or vintage home with the suitcase theme will add a stylish and interesting look to the place. You will find functional furniture pieces such as storage cabinets, dressers, and closets with vintage and modern look to blend with your home style and decor.

The chest of suitcases will be a great addition to your modern bedroom because it is made of durable leather with different colors including black, white, and green. Such a chest has multiple drawers on the shape of suitcases with their handles and buckles to let you store your bedroom clutter in its drawers and use its surface for functional and decorative purposes. Such a chest of drawers may come with its matching mirrors to match your living room or with faucets to blend with your toilet.In addition, the suitcase containing wash basin will be perfect in your modern kitchen or bathroom.

The recycled suitcase-looking furniture will be perfect as storage spaces in your vintage home. Such a unique collection will save more space in different rooms of your home giving the place a unified look. These vintage looking furniture pieces include wardrobes, shelves, sideboards, and desks with wheels to let you change their places as necessary. The natural color of such vintage furniture pieces will give the place a warm look and let them blend with your home d├ęcor; especially if you have something like a vintage suitcase speaker box that is made of vintage-looking leather with a sound system within it.

The multifunctional suitcase looking furniture pieces will add a stylish and practical look to your home. For example, the lightweight fold up suitcase looking desk that turns to be a table will increase the functionality of your small home as it can be moved at any room according to your needs.

Pics Via : digsdigs