6 Substantial Steps to Choose Bedroom Curtains

Bedroom is your special private space. You must feel comfortable and relaxed in it. Curtains are very important like any other decorative accessories. When you choose the right curtains, you will get the privacy you want in your bedroom. There are many types of curtains such as layered-curtains, pleated curtains, jabot curtains and much more. They are also available in different sizes, prints, patterns, colors, designs and themes. You could do some useful steps before choosing bedroom curtains:

1- First decide the area that you want to cover. Then measure the length and width of the window or the wall if you want floor length-curtains. And remember that you will leave a clearance of 20 cm on each side.

2- Measure the rod sleeve, which is used for hanging the curtains.

3- Choose the color and the design of the curtains according to the bedroom’s style.

4- Decide how much light you want in the room. And choose the suitable fabrics. If you don’t like sunlight, use heavy materials or make layers. That enables you to tie one layer to the side by a decorative rope. If you like sunlight use fabrics that can let sunrays go inside your room.

5- You can choose the design of the curtain depending on bedroom style and the size of the window. But the design should fit with the bedroom decoration and furniture.

6-opt for the colors of the curtains that enhance the look of your room. Choosing the color requires good taste and creativity. The textures and vivid color options can give more charm to your bedroom.

After those tips, you are ready now to go shopping and choose your perfect curtains with its charming color and timeless design.