Super Clever Shelving Ideas for Your Kitchen

Your kitchen is the place that needs more creative ideas than any other part of your home as it includes several utensils and tools that tend to clutter the place. However, you can design creative and clever shelves to store your kitchen items in a decorative and neat way.

If you wish to install open and closed shelves in your kitchen, you will have a chance to reduce the clutter and add a fabulous look to the place. The doors of your closed shelves can be made to resemble drawers and the open shelves may display your valuable collections of dishes. The long shelves above your sink or countertops will be perfect for your glassware to save more floor space and give the place a spacious look. Try to hang plenty of racks under the lower shelf for your pots and pans in addition to knives.

Your illuminated hood will let you see clearly the items stored on the shelves placed at the sides or even directly under that hood. The corner shelves designed according to the style of your kitchen will save that space and let you store the valuable and rarely used items safely.

If you have the talent to recycle your old items, you can use your old bookcase or open nightstand in a new and aesthetic way to serve as creative open shelves in your lovely kitchen. Moreover, you can install extra open shelves to the end of your countertop to place the regularly used items that need to be near your workspace.

You can save your floor space with a clever idea like the suspended shelves at the ceiling and the display shelves at the front part of your kitchen island. These super clever kitchen shelving ideas will certainly remove clutter from the place giving it a decorative look.